Triple Threat: The First 3 issues of Municipal Threat!

Triple Threat: The First 3 issues of Municipal Threat!

Get the first 3 issues of Municipal Threat for a bundled rate. 216 pages of fuck yeah for only $11.99!?

Issue 1:
A 72-page fanzine that pays homage to the cult exploitation films and B-movies that invaded our youth through late night cable TV and VHS rentals. Featuring original comix, illustrations, and film reviews from a plethora of deranged artists and writers, these celluloid obsessed survivors of trash cinema have had their minds irrevocably twisted, and must be considered a Municipal Threat.

Issue 2:
MUNICIPAL THREAT returns! Issue 2 is a 72-page fanzine featuring B-Movie inspired original comics and illustrations by a host of deranged contributors, in addition to reviews of cinematic triumphs and catastrophes. Also, an extended interview with film director JR Bookwalter, of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR and ROBOT NINJA fame!

Issue 3:
MUNICIPAL THREAT strikes back for a third issue, once again showcasing a cadre of comics and movie reviews inspired by the films found in the darkest corners of the video store!

The artist known only as LOCH NESS tells a tale of kaiju and monstrous diarrhea! JEREMIAH STEINER illustrates a meeting between otherworldly visitors and a residential Bigfoot! ANTHONY AIUPPY outlines the unnatural forces that bring soldiers back from the grave! DAMON BEGAY draws the heist of a superpowered career criminal! BRAD DWYER forsees a dystopia inhabited by Frankenstein's Monster! ZACK EMPIRE wows with the story of a motorcycle-riding torso fighting a vampire! KYLE HICKENBOTTOM reviews the canuxploitation film "The SEIGE" (featuring a complimentary illo by WILLIAM HERNANDEZ), as well as "SATAN'S BLOOD"! And NICK ANDERSON gives the lowdown on SOV horror classic, "SCREAM DREAM"! Hey, WHAT'S WITH ALL THE EXCLAMATION POINTS?!?

And finally, cartoonist JAVIER HERNANDEZ sits down for an interview about his life and work, in addition to detailing how his character EL MUERTO was adapted into a live action film! 72 pages.