With the NXOEED 93 PACK, you get issues 2 and 3 for $2 off, while supplies last. Issue 1 is out of print!

NXOEED #2 is a repository of creatures and fonts that are hand-drawn by NXOEED the artist for creative punks who want to make stuff but aren't sure where to begin. The images inside are all yours to mess with. You can make buttons, logos, stickers, patches, posters, album covers and even other zines. All you really need is a pair of scissors, an X-acto knife, glue stick and a copy machine (and the zine, of course).

NXOEED #3 is a collection of illustrations and typefaces that NXOEED (the artist) releases for use in whatever the public wishes to do with it. Want to make merch but don't know how to draw? Buy the zine and use whatever you like.

This year's collection is sort of an answer to the question, "What if severed fingers became sentient and began growing their own faces, limbs and internal organs?"

If you've ever asked such a thing, this is the zine for you.

Monsters, hands, heads, feet with faces, screwdriver monsters, letters, blobs, boils and useful frequencies for those who enjoy trains and fire trucks.