Fluke #15 - "Lust for Life"

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Fluke #15 - "Lust for Life"

Fluke #15 - “Lust For Life” - is about getting older yet still following one’s passion, whether in work or play (or both). This issue includes interviews with veteran punk rockers - Gary Floyd talks to Erica Dawn Lyle (SCAM zine) about his move to San Francisco with the Dicks in the early '80s, Ian MacKaye talks about Jay Adams biting him at a Minor Threat show in San Pedro and Mike Watt talks about answering the phone to Iggy Pop and hearing, "Ronnie says you're the man." Also in this issue - wonderful art, writings and photographs by some greats (glen E friedman, Ann Summa, buZ blurr, Tara Sharpe, Bill Daniel, KRK Dominguez, Linda Kite, Pat Blashill, Jessie Lynn McMains and others). But wait, there's more - the main feature is on traveling photographer and writer, Adam Smith! Follow your dreams and live your passion!

52 pages, half-size issue
Cover art by buZ blurr